What Should You Eat During The Allergy Season

Everybody knows the importance of a good diet when it comes to health. A balanced diet rich in all nutrients not only helps you get rid of the extra pounds, but also guards you against diseases. If you are prone to allergies, a good diet can help prevent that from happening too. A simple modification in your current diet plan can help you replace all the anti-histamine medication and weekly shots accompanied with herbal supplements.

You will find many diet programs designed for specific types of allergies. These predesigned programs will save your time figuring out what to eat and what not to eat. For instance, Mediterranean diets which mostly include anti-allergic food items. These foods have anti-inflammatory properties that save you from allergies by reversing the allergic effect. Such diet programs include vegetables, fruits and nuts. While planning your Mediterranean diet, there are a few nutrients, which you should make sure exist in the food items:

· Vitamins:

You can get vitamins from tomatoes, apples and citrus fruits like oranges and lemon which are known to be rich in vitamin C. Vitamin E, known for its antioxidant property is available in the form of nuts. Vitamins basically provide strength to your immune system and resultantly, it combats the allergen substance effectively. Symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and breathing problem can be brought under control by a good amount of vitamins in your diet.

· Magnesium:

Magnesium is known for its positive effects on lung function. In case you are not allergic to any nut, consume as many nuts as you can because they are rich in magnesium.

· Resveratrol:

Resveratrol is an antioxidant element, which is usually found in red grapes. Allergic symptoms like breathing problem and coughing can be treated with the use of resveratrol. It is also effective for asthma patients.

· Zinc:

Zinc also helps combat allergies as well as asthma. It contains antibacterial and antiviral components, which provide strength to the immune system. Resultantly, your body becomes stronger against allergens.

· Cold Water Fish:

Just like mackerel and salmon, cold-water fish too contains omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPA and DHA. A lot of people prefer fish oil supplementary that are known for reducing allergic symptoms.

· Spices control:

While designing an anti-allergy dietary program, spices could be a bit tricky. There are many spices, which help reduce the allergic symptoms, but at the same time there are many that can worsen the condition. For example, there could be a spice that can help you get rid of throat irritation while another might become the cause of it. Spices such as horseradish, Cajun spice and garlic are proven spices, which have positive results on allergic people.
Apart from diet control, it is a smart idea to control your home-environment as much as you can. Keeping an air-purifier at your home is a good technique to clean the air from possible allergens. Sometimes, the air particles can worsen the situation therefore it is a good idea to keep the environment clean.