Walnut Allergy

WalnutsThe walnut allergy is a severe allergy that comes from nature. The scientific name for this allergy is Juglan Recia. It is occurred when it is smelt or eaten in sauces or when it is chopped. This is a tree type nut allergy. These tree type nut allergies are life threatening to people internationally. This life threatening allergy is mostly caused when you are in nature too much. This allergen has many reactions to other nuts too but mainly to walnuts. People can have reactions to other nuts, even if you have this allergy but they all are not plant related species. These allergies can be struck by the main proteins found inside the nut. People who suffer this allergy cannot resist, when it is in the process of cooking.
This allergy has a more mild form which has similar symptoms to the birch pollen allergy. The most severe symptoms of this allergy are caused mainly around the mouth, which then causes Oral allergy syndrome. This allergen is also struck by molecules that are mainly found in all tree nuts that are the same as pollen allergies like all major birch pollen allergies, which are very harmful. The molecules can be annihilated when you are cooking the walnuts, which can lower the chance of suffering the symptoms of seeds and nuts for people who suffer this allergy.
When nut ingredients are added in foods they are consequences to those who manufacture hidden nut ingredients. They must be labeled on the box or the wrapper. Although now many food make notice on the food label if it contains nuts in the ingredients. This also includes all tree nuts and seed contained in foods.

All of the tree nuts that are contained in foods that are similar to walnuts are:
• Almonds
• Hazelnuts
• Brazil nut
• Cashew
• Pecan nut
• Pistachios
• Macadamia nuts
• Sesame seeds
• Mustard

Here are the symptoms or allergic reactions that you may suffer if you are harmed by this allergy:
• Itching
• Skin rashes
• Hives
• Breathing problems
• Swelling
• Puffiness around the face
• A dangerous drop in blood pressure
• Anaphylaxis
• A change in hearts rhythm
• Life threatening symptoms

Whenever you think you are eating something that looks like it contains nuts try checking the ingredients on the food labels if you have this allergen. If you ever have a feeling that you are suffering this allergen or anyone that you know is suffering from this allergy try to contact a local doctor as soon as possible.