Red Bumpy Rash

Most people suffer from red bumpy rash in different forms – like lumps, bumps, blisters, and pimples, at least once or twice in their life. Even children and babies are prone to these rashes, in the form of diaper rash. Red bumpy rash is a type of skin disorder, caused by either contact dermatitis, hives or allergies. A red bumpy rash does not cause major complications, but some of the rashes combined with conditions like fever, may be an indication of serious illnesses. Red bumpy rash on face is very common. Other places include, armpits, groin, back etc.

Causes of Red Bumpy Rash

Red bumpy rashes impart the skin a reddish appearance and also make the skin dry and scaly, with an itchy feel. These type of skin rashes are caused mainly by garden plants or weeds, insect bites, chemicals, medication or diet and are mostly non-recurring. Certain types of red bumpy rashes caused by allergic reaction, are not only irritating but are also embarrassing. The infection causes more discomfort and pain, especially, when it appears near the groin or the genital area, or as an underarm rash and on the face. Read more on itchy red bumps.

A type of itchy red bumpy rash known as dermatitis, is the most common among the various types of rashes. When these itchy red bumps rash appear on the skin, a symptom of swelling or puffiness and irritation of the skin occurs. Rashes that appear in hair growing areas like armpits, are called as hidradenitis suppurativia, a type of red bumpy rash, commonly known as hives is considered as a severe infection, that require medical attention. Certain hives are caused by histamine, which is released in the body as a response to an allergen. These allergens are triggered by certain foods, medicine, bug bite or a virus. Skin rash hives are usually reactions to allergen, medication, or an infection which can also appear on people as a stress rash. Read for more information on hives.

Common Red Bumpy Rashes

Eczema is a itchy red bumpy rash, which mostly affects children is also known as topic dermatitis. Eczema are known to cause a dry, chapped, bumpy skin area near the elbows and knees. The more serious cases of eczema can lead to red, scaly, and swollen skin, which can be on any part of the body. Read for more on eczema.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Irritant contact dermatitis is a type of itchy red bumpy rash, caused after contact with a skin irritant, such as a chemical, soap, or detergent. Sunburn is also considered as a kind of irritant dermatitis due to its red color, and the itching that occurs while it’s healing. Read more on dermatitis.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Allergic contact dermatitis is a red bumpy rash, caused when a body comes in contact with an allergen. An allergen is anything that can cause an allergic reaction, such as rubber, hair dye, nickel, any metal. People who have nickel allergy get a red, scaly, crusty rash, where the metal touched the skin. Urushiol which is an oil or resin contained in poison ivy, oak, and sumac, can also be a cause of rashes. Read more on skin disorder.

Tips for Red Bumpy Rash Treatment

The time taken by skin rashes range from immediate to days, and when a rash appears, it is noticed because of the irritation caused. These bumpy rashes get better if treated as soon as possible. These are some of the tips that can help you in dealing with a red bumpy rash.

  • There is an urge to scratch when a rash occurs, which should not be done, as it takes longer to heal, and chances of developing an infection or scar are high.
  • A visit to a dermatologist is necessary, as they are the only one who can identify the type of the rash. They can give the best treatment for any type of rashes.
  • An eczema rash can be treated with moisturizers, called as emollients, which help in retaining water in the skin and also, soothe the itchy feeling.
  • For poison ivy rash, a cool shower and calamine lotion will be the best treatment. If the infection is severe, it can be treated with a liquid or oral pill medicine, called antihistamine, to decrease the itch and redness.
  • An allergen caused rash such as hives, will require a doctor’s attention. A detailed information about the kind of food, substance, medicine, or insect, that has caused the rash should be provided to the doctor. A medical test, to determine which type of allergens are causing the trouble, will also be needed.

The best way to deal with a red bumpy rash is to find the cause of the infection and treat them. These itchy red bumpy rashes, including the red bumpy face rash can be avoided by taking precautions.