Oil Allergy

OilOil allergy is not a common allergy, ironically, it is a vegetable oil that is healthy for an average person and because it is considered as healthy, it is being used in many foods today.

In most cases, it may not be considered as an allergy, but some people may have very strange reactions after eating any type of food containing oil. If you are suffering from oil allergies, you may feel symptoms such as:
• Vomiting
• Breathing difficulty
• Skin rashes
• Migraines
• Chest Pains

Oil allergy is rarely seen, so there aren’t many symptoms that have been discovered. If you have n allergy to oil, most doctors recommend epi-pens to treat this allergy because they are able to see the seriousness of the allergy. However, they are not able to clearly explain how this allergy occurs.

At first, it may seem like a food allergy, but after many of the same reactions to different types of foods, it will not seem like a food allergy. Instant reactions to foods at the sight of them may determine the type of oil that a person is allergic to.

The reactions to oil allergies may vary depending on the type of oil. For example, canola oil may trigger the same reactions at different times to many different people, from migraines to chest pains. Almost everyone has a different reaction to a different type of oil. If you have suffered almost all of the symptoms listed above, it is safe to say that you are allergic to canola oil.

There aren’t many ways to stop the allergies because almost every food contains canola oil. Epi-pens are one way of protecting yourself, but some people are assisted by Benadryl. The majority of people do not have help for their symptoms, but they choose to stay away from oil products. There is not much help required, unless your symptoms are very serious.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask your doctor.