Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

Fight AllergiesAllergies occur in the body when our immune system detects a substance that it deems as harmful, and triggers a reactions that produces the symptoms that we know as allergy. It is unfortunate that many of these substances our body reacts to are actually harmless, and present no immediate danger to our health. In order to combat these symptoms, we often are prescribed drugs, or take over the counter antihistamines which make us drowsy. Many people wonder whether or not there is a natural way we can fight off allergies and the symptoms of them. Below are some all natural ways in which you can fight off the symptoms of your allergy:

-Drink Hot Liquid: Teas and coffee are great for helping you fight the symptoms associated with allergy. With teas, try to find all natural teas. Many of the darker teas are not as nutrient rich, and although a hot beverage can help you breathe easy, you are looking for something that will help you fight off your symptoms. Caffeine has also been shown to increase lung function and increase productivity.

-Try Showering Twice A Day: During the course of your day, you and your clothes may pick up a number of different allergens from the air. Try taking a shower before you go to bed, as well as when you get up to keep you from breathing in those allergens all night long.

-Use Air Purifiers: Using air purifiers is a great way to clean the air in your home and eliminate a lot of the airborne allergens like pet dander and dust that pollute the air in your home.

-Exercise: Don’t over-do it, but exercising a bit throughout your day will clear up a lot of the nasal congestion you may experience from your allergies.

-Take Vitamins Daily: Vitamins and nutrients go a long way toward helping your body stay healthy. Eat right, and make sure that you get the recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients every day to remain healthy.
Fighting off allergies can be quite the task. The real secret to fighting them off naturally is living a healthy life. This, coupled with the prescribed medication from your doctor should greatly reduce the amount of bother you receive from your allergy symptoms.